Thursday, February 27, 2014

New publication: Cooperative Farming by Faith Gilbert, CDI contributing author

The Greenhorns, an organization dedicated to promoting and supporting young farmers, has published a guidebook for Cooperative Farming: Frameworks for Farming Together by Faith Gilbert. CDI's Lynda Brushett was a contributing author. "Compiled from 42 interviews with farmers and professionals, this is a how-to handbook on structuring and operating a group venture."
There is plenty of good information and insights here, so we're anticipating that it will be widely read. We were pleased to work on it and are happy that this resource will be available!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Job posting: New England tech worker co-op seeks Android developer

We (At-Hand Apps) are/is a one of very few workers co-op based on intellectual property.  Our iPhone/iPad GPS-based travel apps have been well received with New England At-Hand being the top-user rated New England travel app.
We are seeking a additional member with Android Development skills to help expand the business. 
This successful iPhone/iPad app development team is creating it’s next business phase. We have an extraordinary new opportunity and partner. We will be shifting from paid apps to free advertising supported apps which is an enormous growth opportunity. Our new sales and marketing partner manages New England’s most successful ad-based travel web sites and we are their expansion into mobile. Our top-user-rated mobile guides will soon be generating much more revenue from their marketing and sales efforts.
This means we immediately have a new priority. Now it matters that our travel apps be migrated to the Android platform to double the “eye-balls” and ad revenue.
If you  have a track record in JAVA/Android development (or know someone who has the track record) and would like to, on an initially part-time basis, work as part of this integrated co-op team – with equity and a small cash bonus, then please contact us to learn more. 

At-Hand Apps, LLC - a workers co-op


Friday, February 14, 2014

Educational Opportunity 2: for Boston-area small businesses

Check out this SBA Emerging Leaders Initiative, if you're interested in accessing training and mentoring to build your co-op. They suggest applicants have revenue of at least $400K and 3 years of operations.

Educational Opportunity: Online Courses on Intro to Co-ops, Participatory Methods, and Worker Co-op 101

Did you know? The Toolbox for Education and Social Action is gearing up to offer some great online courses. They'll be starting soon: Intro to Cooperatives March 10-14,, Popular Education Methods and Practices Tuesday evenings starting on April 8th for four sessions,, and Worker Co-op 101 April 16 and 17, five hours total over two nights, Can't wait.

Job posting: Equal Exchange is hiring a full-time sales rep

Another chance to work at a worker co-op! Check it out:

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Co-op 101, Thursday 2/20, 6-8 pm, Jamaica Plain, MA

Tell your friends,
Tell your neighbors,
and definitely tell your co-workers!

Workshop: Introduction to Cooperative Business
Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014
6-8 pm
at the offices of Red Sun Press,
94 Green Street (2nd floor), Jamaica Plain MA.

Info and Registration here:

WORC'N members - if you'd like to host a Co-op 101 at your space, let
us know! Co-op 101 is on the third Thursday of most every month.

Please let Stacey know ahead of time if you will need interpretation!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Job posting: the Northwest Co-op Development Center is hiring a Cooperative Housing Specialist

REPORTS TO: Manufactured Housing Community Program Manager

POSITION SUMMARY: The Cooperative Housing Specialist will work with senior housing staff to facilitate the development of cooperatively owned manufactured housing, including affordable housing and community development projects, products, and programs, and will provide support to other NWCDC activities as assigned.

STATUS: Salaried, full time, permanent position

If you know of somebody good, get in touch!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Help Worker Co-op Moms Win $25,000!

Meet Ginger Moon, a graduate of Green Worker Cooperatives' Coop Academy. Ginger Moon is a mother-owned & run worker co-op based in the Bronx that is dedicated to providing healthy food to new moms and their families. 

They call themselves "the food doulas" because they see food as a key ingredient to ensure the health and vitality of a new mother and child. Ginger Moon provides personal chef services as well as food delivery and focuses on the dietary needs of new moms. 

GINGER MOON IS IN THE RUNNING TO WIN $25,000 in the FedEx: Small Business Big Grant challenge. AND THEY'RE THE ONLY WORKER CO-OP IN THE MIX.

VOTE FOR THEM NOW and help them win some much needed seed capital.

Vote every day (yes, its allowed) and tell your friends to do the same.