Thursday, January 12, 2012

Manos Unidas faces demolition order

CDI has been working with Manos Unidas, a multi-cultural educational and social cooperative doing outreach to immigrants, youth, homeless, and others in the Pittsfield, MA area for several years. They have been struggling to raise funds to repair their beloved community center, which was damaged in a fire and condemned by the City. Now, at the last moment, they have obtained an angel investment, but the City is still planning to demolish the building on Monday, January 16.

Manos Unidas requests that people call Mayor Bianchi at 413-499-9321 or Meredith O'Leary and Dr. Phillip Adamo at 413-448-9742 to stay the demolition of their historic building. For more on the story, see this YNN, Your News Now broadcast:

UPDATE: The City has given Manos Unidas one week to pull together the information needed. See

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