Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Operation Cooperation Launches in MA

It's 2012, the International Year of Cooperatives (IYC)!

Today, we're announcing a new Massachusetts state wide initiative:


Our goals are to: highlight the importance and power of the Massachusetts cooperative economy; to forge better cooperation across our co-op sectors; to increase citizen awareness and support for our cooperative economy.

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Q: How can my co-op participate in Operation Cooperation?
A: We will be publishing a list of participating co-ops. Join the list at: Through your participation we can start to promote collective actions that strengthen our co-op economy across all sectors.

Q: I don't live or work in a cooperative. What's my role?
A: First, join in support at . Help spread the word and encourage friends to join too. We are preparing a public campaign to promote actions that all citizens can take to support cooperation. These actions include: Move your money to a credit union; Join a food co-op; Do business with local cooperative enterprises; Support co-op food brands; Renting or sharing? Learn more about the benefits of cooperative living.

Q: What's first?
A: We have a Boston City resolution being prepared and the text of a State Resolution that we want to build support for. The draft text can be seen here

Q: I have a great idea or suggestion. What do I do?
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In cooperation

Operation Cooperation Team

Peter T. Brown
Red Sun Press

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