Friday, September 14, 2012


Hello friends!  I am hiring, please help circulate:
The Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC-United) is a national restaurant workers’ organization dedicated to winning improved conditions for the nation's restaurant workers. Founded initially after 9/11 by restaurant workers displaced from the World Trade Center, ROC has grown into a national organization with over 9000 members in nine states. Over the last ten years ROC-United has won ten campaigns for restaurant workers against exploitative employers, winning over $5,000,000 in unpaid wages and discrimination payments for restaurant workers, as well as improvement in working conditions; published 15 reports on the industry; won a statewide minimum wage increase in New York; opened two worker-owned restaurants, COLORS of New York and Detroit, and much more. ROC affiliates in New York Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, Miami, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Houston, and Philadelphia all engage in three areas of work: waging campaigns for justice against low-road employers; promoting responsible employers taking the ‘high road’ to profitability; and conducting research and policy work to lift conditions industry-wide.

ROC seeks a COLORS Events and Project Coordinator.
Under direct supervision of the National High Road Coordinator of ROC-U, the COLORS Events and Project Coordinator will engage in the following:
1) Assist COLORS with building and maintaining relationships with local organizations, unions, firms, and other entities as one sees fit to establish COLORS in NY’s catering and events market,
2) Increase sales and revenue at COLORS within 3 month,
3) Lead COLORS to a balanced budget within 6 months,
4) Assist the National High Road Coordinator with developing, implementing, and evaluating a new concept for COLORS NY,
5) Provide technical assistance to local ROC affiliates on the design and implementation of new worker cooperative structures, particularly in New Orleans, LA, and DC,
6) Assist COLORS NY and COLORS Detroit in implementing their marketing concept and maximizing overall business activities,
7) Other responsibilities as needed.

- Restaurant management experience
- Familiarity with worker cooperative model structure, experience with worker cooperatives a major plus
- Events coordination experience
- Significant network of relationships nationwide within worker cooperative organizations
- Strong financial management skills
- Significant network of relationships with NY organizations, unions, wedding planners, and others who would use COLORS for events and catering

- Knowledge of menu development for parties and menu pricing
- Strong Guest Service & Front of the House Skills a plus
- Knowledge of workforce development and/or relevant adult teaching experience a plus
- Understanding of community/labor organizing
- Demonstrated commitment to racial, social, and economic justice

COMPENSATION Negotiable based on experience, plus benefits. Immigrants, women, and people of color encouraged to apply. Send cover letter and resume to

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