Wednesday, March 21, 2012

DVD set on starting worker co-ops now available

At long last! The 1st Edition of “This Way Out: A Guide To Starting A Worker Cooperative” is here!

Trailer here:

Go to to buy a copy. With tax and shipping and handling, it's a very affordable $30.

The video is in English, but there is a Spanish-language option on the DVD with a voice-over translation.

Here is a description:
Geared to small start-up's (10 or fewer people) with little, or limited, access to capital.
On the DVD delivering the info: Quilted, Box Dog Bikes, Co-Soap, Tech Collective, Electric Embers, A Taste of Denmark, Design Action Collective, Cheeseboard, Eco Care, Arizmendi, Bio Fuel Oasis, Mandela Foods, Other Avenue Natural Foods, Neil Helfman (attorney), Van P. Baldwin (attorney/CPA), Melissa Hoover (USFWC), Gary Bell (CEO, Cooperative Federal Credit Union), Jenny Kassan (Attorney), Kim Coontz (Calif Center Coop. Development), with a special appearance by Jim Hightower (author, commentator)

2 disc set, 248 minutes total

Track list:

Disc 1

1-Disclaimer :23
2-Intro 1:26
3-Intro to Co-op Principles 6:46
4-Intro to By-Laws 13:48
5-Choosing A Legal Entity 13:32
6-Subordination Of Capital, Democracy, Patronage 3:17
7-SubChapter T 2:13
8-DBA, Business License, EIN, Permits, Zoning 11:13
9-State Filings 2:17
10-Funding Your Co-op 30:05
11-How They Met 4:59
12-The Importance of Meetings 4:34
13-Hiring & Training 20:40
14-Unions & Coops 2:37
15-Resource List for Small Start-Up's 3:30
16-Credits & Thanks You's 1:15
TRT: 123 mins

Disc 2

Disclaimer :23
Bookkeeping Crash Course 30:26
Communication & Process 42:36
Advice for Start-Up's 14:02
Credits & Thanks You's 1:15
Meet & Greet 37:26

TRT: 125 mins

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