Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Job Opening: Customer Support & SysAdmin at Worker-Owned Hosting Company

Technical Support and Customer Service

Position Focus: Customer Support and System Administration

Work will focus primarily on supporting both technical and non-technical
customers with their Domain, DNS, Web & Email Hosting Services.
Secondary focus on administration of FreeBSD unix servers.

Additional duties include participation in the development of a
cooperatively owned business.

Advancement based on your interest and skills in Unix system
administration, web application development (ruby on rails),
and/or business development.

Location: Work from your own home 98% of the time (high speed internet
connection required). If you live in Western Massachusetts we have a
shared office space that is also available.

You live in central TX, Massachusetts, So. Vermont, or So. New Hampshire.

Start Date: April 2012

Technical Skills Requirement:
--> You know how the Internet works
--> General computer troubleshooting skills on Windows & Mac
--> Strong Customer Service/Technical Support skills
--> Comfortable with the command line interface

Bonus Skills:
. hardware maintenance/repair and data center experience
. Unix (FreeBSD) system administration
. shell scripting
. ruby on rails programming

Work Hours & Compensation:
--> Flexible part-time (10-15 hours per week), available for one weekday
shift per week plus flex-time
--> Some on-call overnight and weekend emergency response duties
--> Long term permanent position, path to worker-ownership in the
--> Compensation: Starting $17-20/hour depending on experience and
worker-owner status. Full worker-owners also share in profits.
Provisional worker-owner period is 6 months to 1 year.

Our Technology Platform:
System administration: FreeBSD, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl,
Common web applications used by our customers: Drupal, Wordpress,
Joomla, Moveable Type, Magento
Programming / Database: MySQL, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Unix shell scripting
Legacy: Windows Server, IIS/Cold Fusion

- You have experience or interest in cooperative ownership
- You are interested in being a long term worker-owner of Gaia Host
- Social Justice and Care for Earth are important to you
- Self-motivated and able to work independently
- Cooperative work ethic, works well in a team
- You have interpersonal conflict resolution skills
- You have consensus and group decision making experience
- You have vision in your life and the will to peacefully manifest it
- You have a sense of humor and know there's more to this planet than
the Internet

We are a diversity friendly cooperative! Please Apply.


Gaia Host Collective is a 7 year old worker-owned cooperative with
owners in Southern Vermont, Austin, TX, and western Mass.

We are committed to providing reliable Internet hosting services, while
minimizing our environmental impact and maximizing our social benefit.

Gaia Host offers Domain Registration, Managed web and e-mail Hosting for
small to large traffic websites and friendly customer service for
technical and non-technical customers.

Our hosting server infrastructure is located primarily in two data
center spaces in Somerville, MA and Bedford, NH.

Currently 3 worker-owners, seeking a fourth.


E-mail cover letter and resume with two references to workerowner@gaiahost.coop.

Current worker owners may be reached by phone at: (800) 672-8060:
Charles (x803), Benjamin (x802), or Matthew (x804).

In Cooperation!,

Benjamin Bradley, Charles Uchu Strader, and Matthew King
Gaia Host Collective

Reliable Internet hosting services from a worker-owned cooperative
dedicated to environmental and social sustainability.

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